Green on the Riviera

Penchant for the Sauvage

Our first horse-meat steak tatare in the
South of France.



There’s an interesting Matisse exhibition at the Centre Pompidou called “Pairs and Series.” An exhibit of works in plural. As others, Matisse did the same scene or pose several times capturing […]

What’s in a Bonjour?

Bonjour - Good day, Hello, Hi, a French greeting when people meet. It’s the ubiquitous word in France. It is said when you meet people (unless it’s at night and then it’s Bon soir), when you walk into a restaurant you exchange Bonjours with the person who seats you, when you walk into a shop, […]

Paris is all About Food … duh!

Last Friday was bitter cold  - something like -6 C which translates to 21 F. COLD. But as you can see, R was ready for it.
Earlier in the day R had a conversation (in French) with the director of the gym we go to. At one point the conversation turned […]

Cute Meet

We went to the movies yesterday. R has been recuperating from a sinus infection and she needed an outing. It has been bitter cold in Paris as in all of Europe for the past week and today when we left the apartment it was 21 F.
We walked to the […]

Neige de Paris




On Sunday, we finished our umpteenth version of the treatment of our screenplay. It’s working title has been: “La Dame Qui est Tombé de son vélo.” Or as we say in English, “The woman who fell from her bicycle.” So we wanted to celebrate. Go to a good restaurant.
What a choice […]



                 The oysters (Cancale, Britany) were 20 Euros for all you can eat!



Paris, and maybe Europe, is full of suprises. We get out of the Metro at Etienne Marcel - an area near the old Les Halles market and we see this. What is it? Old! The past just sitting there surrounded by the present.