And so it goes …

She said… Have spent the day with others in the class; walking this morning and this afternoon on a motor boat to Monaco. I confess to a little “mal de mer” but was well taken care of by my Swedish friend and a seasoned sailor. The sailor is in the Norwegian navy and one […]

Staying in touch (the first week separated

He said… Well, I’m home alone for another 3 weeks before I join you but I see that your flight has already landed on London. One more “short leg” and you’ll be in Nice. Happy Landings.She said… Arrived and just had a nice little dinner out at the water in this little hotel. […]

And what about the cat?

We got a beautiful kitten just 3 months before the planned trip and had fallen in love with her. We had named her Dido for the song Renee is learning, Dido’s lament, an aria from the opera Dido and Aeneas.
Dido was the queen of Carthage who protected and loved Aeneas […]