The Shop Around the Corner


Across the Arsenal on Blvd. Morland at a triangle with Rue Crillon there is a tiny shop where I took my jacket to have the buttons resewn.  Commenting on the coziness of his quarters, the owner […]

Tête à tête sur Blvd. Saint Germain

Ambient Art

Another in the series.  The  above title suggested by Jerry, our coffee maven.
See his coffee blog in The Atlantic.

Seen/Scene on Le Cherche Midi

He’s in the window and the ladies with the pink parasol notice
We see him from the outside at his most seductive
They Got him

I Had to Come to Paris

I found in Paris that 60’s spirit that once in the U.S has since dissipated.   The energy that infused a generation of young people, and not so young, who believed it was important to make your voice heard.  To object to actions taken […]

Seen at the Sunday Market

Our Oyster Man

French Sanitation Engineer

A leaden Sky

This morning we woke to what  Parisians face every winter morn.  Most mornings are the same until 10:30-11:00 AM, when WE finally come to.    By this mid-morning time, the lid begins to lift and an occasional peek of blue or even a hint of sunshine.  Neither is ever a […]

A perfect ending

Last night in the amphitheatre of the Opera Bastille we saw a stunning performance titled, Danseurs Choreographers. Ten young choreographers presented recent work danced by members of the corps de Ballet of the Opera.  Accompaniment was diverse from Bach to Chopin to Arvo […]

Seen at the Place d’Aligre

The luxury of time unaccountable

Making the morning’s cappucino in the new favorite cup bought at the Marche Aligre, I was admiring the pattern randomly formed by the foamed milk and coffee.  Can you imagine that! I put it on the table and voila.  The repetition of patterns in nature and those fabricated by man.