Name the wine and year we had last night at dinner and win a prize.

Wall Painting

Interior wall painting by our friend Bruce Thurman at Bodega Bay restaurant, Paris.

It’s come to this!


A new category for quotidian observations.  Today the Cable Guy came–  again.  Everyone here talks about the French never getting the mechanics right.  There is something to that.  After 3 weeks here, we finally have telly, internet and still we struggle with the telephone.  We never got it right last time.  Vowing to master or […]

Dinner for Six

Our first dinner party and Renee was into her fourth day of what we are considering intestinal flu.  Cooking not on the list of desired activities.  But this is Paris.
A visit to the local indoor market, Beauveau, where we saw several skewered, spinning suckling pigs and the answer for Friday night’s dinner.

This is a seasonal […]

Seen in the Marais

Chestnuts and Hot Chocolate at Les deux Magots


  Ah, you music lovers. We wish you could all have been with us tonight.  It’s 11:15 and we just returned from a concert at Theatre du Chatelet.  There has been a Mahler celebration in Paris since September during which they will have played all ten symphonies and a large selection of lieder.
Tonight we heard […]

New Year’s Eve

On The 30th of December Martine and Bernard met us at Charles De Gaulle airport. Cramming 4 duffle bags and 2 carry-ons into his VW Golf, we drove into Paris just before dusk. By the time we unpacked we were home.
The street where we live.

We slept till early afternoon on the 31st., shopped for essentials […]

My Paris

 I began reading Henry James’ The Ambassadors before leaving the U.S.  Quite perfect since it takes place in Paris.  In part, this was a reaction to the current contemporary rageful novels on which I had overdosed.  I came across a few lines that perfectly expressed my feelings about being here.  Strether, the main character, […]