Our new bible, “Lylo,” lists all the weekly jazz events in Paris. We saw a listing for Angélo Debarre, a guitarist playing “Jazz Manouche” at l’Atelier Charonne, about a fifteen minute walk from our apartment.
As we now do, we googled Debarre, listened and within ten seconds, we were on our way.
The Atelier was beginning to […]

“…we have our highest dignity in our significance as works of art …” F. Nietzche





Sunday was our first trip to the top of Montmartre.  We exited at the Metro at Coulain-Coulincourt and climbed the cobblestone path into an early Twentieth Century landscape of quaint multi-colored houses.  (a )The famous Le Lapin Agile, which served food, often on  credit to the not yet famous Picasso, Modigliani, Utrillo …First stop was the […]

Bread Lines

 Here in Paris, bread lines have another meaning.   Each boulangerie, its own world of wheat, water and taste. They anchor the neighborhod.

Less is More

Here in France, drinking French red white or rosé wine, we notice the alcohol content is much less than the wines we drink in California.
In the past few years, American wines have increased the alcohol content to sometimes astonishing levels.  I had heard, years ago, when the alcohol was reaching 15% and 16% that it […]

Watching over us

We’ve passed our minotaur so many times without seeing him.  One day, by chance, we looked up.  We often miss what’s in front of us as we walk, carefully looking down so as to not step in the small deposit someone’s sweet little dog has left on the sidewalk.

Dali’s Deconstructed Time

Rules for Engagement

We continue to notice and admire social behaviors in Paris.  What we find unusual and intriguing is the acknowledgement and recognition of one another which is the rule here.  Saying merci, pardon, s’il vous plait, rien du tout, shaking hands, kissing both cheeks when coming and going, holding the door open, giving up one’s seat […]

Exploring the Fringe

  Time to broaden our horizons, extend our reach exceeding our grasp. Hey, we’re in Paris where it all begins!  Through the years, writers, musicians, singers, dancers all came here for the Parisian hospitality to the arts. The appetite for the new as well as the tried and true, is huge here. There are many small […]