More about Spring

   With reports of vicious winds and rain at home, the Jardin des Plante and we bloom and swoon in Spring’s caress (the same in French but with the feminizing e at the end.)

Seen on the Seine ….

Paris … The Morning After

Cinderella – the shoe fits

For the 2 nasty stepsisters, the shoe didn’t fit.  For us it did.
We saw a magnificent production of Cendrillon (Cinderella) by Massenet at the Opera Comique the other night.  As wonderful a performance as we’ve ever seen of an opera anywhere. The theatre is a jewel:  Parisian, intimate, perfectly 19th Century, and elegant.
The Opera […]

Dinner at the Collets


Max Ernst at the Brücke Museum, Berlin


We started this year’s blog with the revelation of my (our) situation with prostate cancer.  A number of people told us they were pleased that the discussion of this difficult topic was out in the open. And so we continue in honesty.
In the midst of all this great life here in Paris, I got thinking […]


Our local wine store where the chosen few are invited for food and wine.  It could be lunch, it could be cocktails.  We’ll know we’ve been accepted when M. invites us.This morning in our back gardenThe old reflected in the new.  This is also Paris.Alas, this too is Paris.  Casino Capitalism has arrived to deface […]

Working Lunch, Paris 2011

Scene at Saint Sulpice (after seeing Delacroix)

                                                  Feeding the pigeons

The aftermath