A Magical Christmas

On Christmas day we went to Théâtre des Champs-Elysées to see Mozart’s Magic Flute. And so it was.
Obliged to take single seats, R sat on one side and E in the other. The overture opened the production with white lines, circles, squares, mathematical figurations projected onto the curtain so there […]


Renée’s back Talking with the Butcher

Equally Bound to Happen

The new adventure occurred not more than 5 minutes after I finished the last blog.
I was emptying the garbage when I heard some voices in the back yard, turned and said “Bonjour” to a group of people who were walking around - a woman and three men. When I went to the hallway door we […]

Bound to Happen

We are back in Paris and we experienced our first ‘bad moment.” After drinks in the 6th with friends we took a bus (the 86) to the 12th to have dinner with some American friends.
Instinct is a funny thing. So often we sense something but don’t act on it. As we were getting into the […]