On Sunday, we finished our umpteenth version of the treatment of our screenplay. It’s working title has been: “La Dame Qui est Tombé de son vélo.” Or as we say in English, “The woman who fell from her bicycle.” So we wanted to celebrate. Go to a good restaurant.
What a choice […]



                 The oysters (Cancale, Britany) were 20 Euros for all you can eat!



Paris, and maybe Europe, is full of suprises. We get out of the Metro at Etienne Marcel - an area near the old Les Halles market and we see this. What is it? Old! The past just sitting there surrounded by the present.

Dining with Man’s Best Friend

Utah Beach

These came from Utah Beach,  Normandy. Very different from Utah Beach - 1944

Drinks on the Petrus III

A first: we had drinks on Petrus III, a boat owned by one of Bernard’s friends. It’s the boat in the top middle of the photo. It’s docked on the “Port de l’Arsenal.” To the right lies the Seine. To the left, the Bastille and Canal St Martin. Our apartment faces l’Arsenal, a bit to the right […]

Ready for Dinner

No Degree of Separation

This was the view at midnight as we moved into the New Year. We were at Dorie’s and Michael’s along with 16 other interesting and intelligent people. French and American, ex-pats who’ve been living in Paris for decades, and visitors here for a few days; all involved with Paris and Food: writers of books and […]