Are we crazy?

for leaving this behind…


6 Responses to “Are we crazy?”

  1. maybe a little :)

  2. We have porches in France too. And in Paris, many have a cafe attached!

    Looking forward to seeing much of you both!!

    P.S. Looks great…the blog…it’s missing the flag of Texas though

  3. Are you nuts? Absolutely not!
    Guess you better get used to francophilic strikes though….
    Have a wonderful time.
    I am envious and slaving away in Santa Rosa.
    Keep all of us updated.
    New cafes, art, etc.
    A Bientot.

  4. You’re crazy for many reasons. This is just one. But remember that crazy is a subjective term. Have fun!

  5. Crazy?, for leaving everything you know to warp your contented mind; it is equivocally beautiful as the change of seasons. Moreover, after retirement, you are role models to those who hide the idea of dramatic change after the traditional period of having kids under “I want to but, it’ll have to be later”. France is beautiful and I sure do enjoy speaking their language.
    I stumbled across your blog and liked it, so I hope you don’t mind my little addition.
    Anyway, I really hope you guys indulge, the Epicurean way.

  6. Miss ya guys, Happy Thanksgiving

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