The luxury of time unaccountable

Making the morning’s cappucino in the new favorite cup bought at the Marche Aligre, I was admiring the pattern randomly formed by the foamed milk and coffee.  Can you imagine that! I put it on the table and voila.  The repetition of patterns in nature and those fabricated by man.

                                                                         coffee-3.jpg                    coffee-sideways.jpg

One Response to “The luxury of time unaccountable”

  1. As usual you are up to the minute. Although “latte art” (arts de la lait?) has been going going around the coffee bar scene for years, there is about to be a competition solely devoted to Latte Art.

    Just use “latte art” as a search term; you’ll then see what the competition is. Perhaps it’s not too late to insist on a segment of the competition that requires the designs to reflect the ambiance. Perhaps…Scenes de situ…

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