A leaden Sky

This morning we woke to what  Parisians face every winter morn.  Most mornings are the same until 10:30-11:00 AM, when WE finally come to.    By this mid-morning time, the lid begins to lift and an occasional peek of blue or even a hint of sunshine.  Neither is ever a sign of a California day.


That said, this deliberated awakening of the day has it’s charm.  It’s not all at once one is called to action but in a fashion  to which the body naturally responds.  This, we think, may be the reason the French live as long as they do, are as trim as they are despite the rich diet.  This and many of the other things we have noted.

I’m not sure what explains the exquisite legs of French women.


  8 A.M                                                         10 A.M.

 8-15-am.jpg                                            10-am.jpg


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