The Shop Around the Corner

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Across the Arsenal on Blvd. Morland at a triangle with Rue Crillon there is a tiny shop where I took my jacket to have the buttons resewn.  Commenting on the coziness of his quarters, the owner said he’d been there for 40 years since first coming to Paris.   He and his wife are there every day but Sunday doing alterations and repairs (Retoucherie).  Proudly he told us it was an Ancienne building and led us outside to look at the original sign, the letters in wood.


Crillon, by the way was a trusted comrade in arms of Henry IV (Rue Crillon leads to Blvd. Henri IV) and under the sign you can read the dates, 1541-1615.  One cannot count the number of streets in Paris named after historical figures from the worlds of art, literature, politics and military history.   In fact, yesterday hardly counts.

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