Sunday was our first trip to the top of Montmartre.  We exited at the Metro at Coulain-Coulincourt and climbed the cobblestone path into an early Twentieth Century landscape of quaint multi-colored houses.stone-steps.jpg  (a )houses.jpgThe famous Le Lapin Agile, which served food, often on  credit to the not yet famous Picasso, Modigliani, Utrillo …lapin-agile.jpgFirst stop was the Dali Museum.  Neither of us had given any serious thoughts to Dali for some time, although for both of us he was important in our college years, in tune with the rebellious nature of unbridled youth. Today he came back in full force, triggered by our thinking “Beyond the Fringe.” Dali was way beyond the fringe. Dali was a perfect “Dandy;” not only making surrealistic art, but making his subject, himself.220px-salvador_dali_nywts.jpg       175px-dali_allan_warren.jpg    mona_29851.jpg

square.jpg A short walk around the block to a bustling square filled with portrait artists sketching the endless stream of tourists or displaying their own works. A meeting with our friends Isabel and Abou, “une verre de vin chaude” to warm our bones and a last look at the Basillica Sacre Coeur after the steep descent into the heart of the 18th.



And we are off to a restaurant at Gare de l’Est where a friend of Isabel and Abou’s  will sing.

The La Belle Vie is tiny and filled with old friends of Isabel and Abou. It is furnished with  long wooden tables, a little bar and a stage. The singer is a friend of Isabel’s, (at one time she ran a bar in the same district) and Abou (a singer of afro-soul from the Cote d’Ivoire), Philippe Borgé, a crooner of well known French ballads, romantic and sad. Music made popular by Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf.

singer1.jpgPhilipe took a break, Abou took the stage and we were treated to a Motown rendition of “I’ll Be There,” “Since I Lost My baby,”  a few others and ending with “My Gal,” sung with My Gal.



  1. Wow - what a fabulous experience! I’m so glad you captured it on film, Eugene!

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