And what about the cat?


img_2080.jpgWe got a beautiful kitten just 3 months before the planned trip and had fallen in love with her. We had named her Dido for the song Renee is learning, Dido’s lament, an aria from the opera Dido and Aeneas.

Dido was the queen of Carthage who protected and loved Aeneas who dropped by on is way from Troy to what would be Italy. After a torrid love affair, and with her resources at his command, he outfitted his ships and men and left to follow his destiny and found Rome. Poor Dido. Not to push a simile but were we doing the same to our Dido?

We were going to get her a male companion, but after a few days we realized we didn’t need a male kitten. Dido was more than enough fun and distraction and a terrific hunter to boot. She hid under the bed attacking our feet as we passed by, climbed trees and over the roof tops, chased lizards ,(and we hoped someday mice), and sat on the deck contemplating the birds. img_2095.jpgWhat were we going to do with her? Dena was staying in the house while we were gone but she worked and would be gone all day. Dido was very social and had from us whatever attention she craved. We needed to find her a suitable home.

And we did. Lisa and Pam had a 2 year old daughter, Amelia. Amelia had often come over and played with the cat and so we took Dido to Amelia.
I’m only two–I don’t know what “crazy” is yet…
I miss you guys, but I sure am glad you left Dido with me. She’s funny! She jumped into my crib, and onto my high chair, and that was very funny. She loves chasing her toys, and my toys, around the house, and that is very funny. She hides, and pounces, and dashes. Then she goes to sleep. Usually on Momma or Mammo’s desk. Momma says she thinks Dido likes it here. What’s not to like?
I hope you remembered to bring your blankie and favorite sippie cup (you know, the blue one) on such a long trip. Send pictures soon.

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