Staying in touch (the first week separated

He said… Well, I’m home alone for another 3 weeks before I join you but I see that your flight has already landed on London. One more “short leg” and you’ll be in Nice. Happy Landings.She said… Arrived and just had a nice little dinner out at the water in this little hotel. img_2248.jpg Food very good: smoked salmon, duck breast and house tiramisu for dessert. Can hardly hold my head up. But had a nice glass of wine from Var and with that bonne nuit ma cher, bonne nuit.He said… Sounds wonderful. A perfect welcome to France. Easing into the “life.”She said… J’espere!He said… I miss you and have come to the realization that there is only you in the world for me. All else is as straw.She said… Walking on the beach, looking out over “le mer” and thinking how much you will love it here. Sending email from the blackberry seems to be working.She said… I just got back to the hotel after a morning/afternoon meander. This place is wonderful and my French very satisfactory. I even got to translate for an American without a clue. (The American that is.) The port is lovely,img_2267.jpg the weather perfect, the water gorgeous shades of blue (though chilly) and beaucoup de toursites. The perfect time to be here. Sat reading the Herald Tribune with an espresso with the regulars and now back in the room for a lie-down, read and have a pear.He said… Went to a video store (as I cancelled Netflix) and there staring me in the face was “La Placard,” the Closet with Daniel Auteuil. While watching it I had this idea: one of the reasons we like the French is that as serious as they are – about food, wine, logic, they also have a goofy side which they accept as totally compatible with their other side. Be serious when it involves the senses, be goofy when it involves human nature.She said… We crossed in cyberspace my love. I’m off for a bath with Mendelssohn and bed, alas without you.He said… Happy to hear that you did not take Mendelssohn to bed.She said… Going to pick up my keys to the apartment at the school. Everyone here speaks multiple languages. Johnnie, my IT hero at the hotel who is from Lebanon and got my blackberry problems solved this morning, said to come back anytime during the month and use their connection.She said… Moved into the apartment at the school and as you can see the view is great. img_2225.jpgShe said… Wake well, have your coffee, and plunge in.She said… Just finished the first day. It’s very good, very hard, but I’m into it. Here’s a picture of the school, Very imposing! img_2240.jpgI love you, wish you were here where it’s gorgeous but truth be told, you wouldn’t enjoy the school. They are fun AND serious. Lots of very good French speakers here. I’m definitely an intermediate and tomorrow they tell us which class we’re in. But I feel good about what I know.He said… My life is more mundane, as I am left with the “housework,” your average orphaned Cinderfella! Got all the clothes packed ito 4 suitcases and will have them picked up next week and shipped to the apartment in Paris.She said… I am stunned at how many good French speakers there are here. Lots of those who have decided to move to France from other places and I imagine us among them. More and more this area appeals. You can go scouting when you come with advice from the nice Swedish couple who have become my friends. Very nice, both of them and when she speaks I think of Ingrid Bergman. That same wonderful sound of English-infused-with Swedish and a resonant voice. They have a hotel outside of Stockholm which their 3 sons are running in their absence. You bear children who actually make your life easier!I will swallow pride and tame ego tomorrow morning when I’m assigned to my level. But the staff is very nice and terribly good as well as efficient. They run a tight, tight ship.He said… Nothing much happening here. Went pilates in the morning and then played 9 holes of golf by myself. Will go to the gym tomorrow and work out all this energy that I would normally use in annoying you.She said… This could be the most boring day of my life. I am at the prefecture in Nice to get my resident card. (I feel like I’m in Casablanca waiting for Claude Rains to look me over.) My number is 587 and there’s no sign of movement. Forget the 5 there were 86 in front of me and they are slow! They turned people away by 10 AM.He said… Well I am once again up in the middle of the night (4:09) here and thinking of you and so I am at the computer. I’m going to San Francisco to the opera tonight. The Magic Flute, and as you know my favorite.She said… Got my resident card without a hitch.He said… Just back from the opera. I felt embarrassed for Mozart. They turned it into opera buffa. The set, which of course, immediately set the tone, was ridiculous – some Englishman whose claim to fame was he did the sets for Pink Floyd. It would appear he was still on LSD.Once again the orchestra played over the singers, but it didn’t really matter as they had mediocre voices and sang without passion. Opera is about the voice, the greatest instrument on Earth. All the instruments of the orchestra are man made (maybe that’s the problem!). The voice is genetic – in the genes, a gift of the divine, of the mystery that lies behind all.What was missing was the underlying magic of Mozart. This music is about forgiveness and where Mozart is a genius, it is forgiveness of oneself by oneself. In every sense The Magic Flute is a benediction.At least I had a good glass of wine - Silver Pines - at intermission. img_0005.jpgShe said… The opera opera experience alas doesn’t surprise me. I’m at chez Betty’s, my internet café. I’m with the gals from my class, and we’ll sit awhile then go to Wendy’s apartment for a glass of wine. It’s a curious collection of people. The three girls I’m with tonight are totally different and of course much younger than I.He said… I am sitting here thinking of you - actually not “thinking” of you. I don ‘t think of you. You are as my breath, a part of me that exists without thinking, a part of me that ISOf course I miss you, I miss you being here, I miss knowing that I will see you in an hour or two, I miss sitting with you, eating with you, drinking with you, annoying you.Dearest darling, you have given me the greatest gift: carte blanche to love you with all my heart and soul. No man has ever received a greater gift. There is no greater gift.Shakespeare was partially right: Distance does not make the heart grow fonder. Distance makes the heart open so we can see better into it. I know you coined the phrase that time is a construct of the mind. You can add distance to that.She said… I so loved reading your message this AM first thing. I could feel you. It is an amazing connection at a level I’ve newly discovered. It’s funny the timing. We had listened to a contemporary song in class while following the words and the sentiment was so much what you were writing. I’ll keep them for you. It was a complete submission to the one she loved. Alas, it ended badly. He left. However the end of the real story is after she was a complete success with the song, he returned. The silly girl took him back

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