Bound to Happen

We are back in Paris and we experienced our first ‘bad moment.” After drinks in the 6th with friends we took a bus (the 86) to the 12th to have dinner with some American friends.

Instinct is a funny thing. So often we sense something but don’t act on it. As we were getting into the bus a man in front of us,  short, long pony tail, holding a French newspaper, stopped suddenly and we walked around him. A short time later, Renée went to look up something on her iPhone and it was gone; the iPhone and her French cell phone. The man was by then, sitting in a seat nearby and I was certain he was the thief. I walked next to him and called Renée’s cell. I heard the ringing on my phone but could not hear the phone ringing, if in fact, he had it.

When we got off the bus, to hurry home and start the cancellation process, Renée told me who she thought had done it- the same man, I suspected. Nothing to do but go home and start calling.

We were finished by 11:30  PM and found a small Café around the corner was still open for as light meal. We ate, we had some red wine. We ended the evening with Renée’s philosophical thought: “At least no one died.”

Everything in perspective!

So we’ve had our “bad moment” and will enjoy the rest of our stay in Paris. Who knows what new adventures will find us?

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