Equally Bound to Happen

The new adventure occurred not more than 5 minutes after I finished the last blog.

I was emptying the garbage when I heard some voices in the back yard, turned and said “Bonjour” to a group of people who were walking around - a woman and three men. When I went to the hallway door we engaged in conversation as the woman and her husband were thinking about buying the apartment on the 2nd floor. She asked me if I lived here and we explained about our yearly visits and how much we love living here - the apartment, the neighborhood, etc.

Turns out they live in Paris but are looking to move. Then it turns out that she and her husband are intellectuals teaching at the Sorbonne and Stanford. Ah Stanford, so we are “neighbors” in California so we exchange cards. Then it turns out that she is a member of the French  Senate.

Will we meet again? Do we know why we meet? Do we know why we part?

Sir Richard Burton, the 19th Century adventurer, explorer, soldier, diplomat, linguist (29 languages) translator ofThe Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana and The Thousands and One Nights, sufi who make the Hajj to Mecca (in mufti) asked those questions in his poem:  The Kasidah-

Why meet we on the bridge of Time - to’change one greeting and to part?

We meet to part; yet asks my sprite, - Part we to meet? Ah is it so?

Man’s fancy-made Omniscience knows, - Who made Omniscience nought can know.

Why must we meet, why must we part. - Why must we bear this yoke of MUST?


So who knows why we met. The point is that Paris once again and quickly opened her arms and said welcome! 

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