A Magical Christmas

On Christmas day we went to Théâtre des Champs-Elysées to see Mozart’s Magic Flute. And so it was.


Obliged to take single seats, R sat on one side and E in the other. The overture opened the production with white lines, circles, squares, mathematical figurations projected onto the curtain so there was no mistaking we were in for a Masonic evening. Mozart was a Mason and the Magic Flute is about the hero’s journey to find love and forgiveness.


The singing, the acting and orchestra were sensational. If you are interested, here’s the link to the Paris Opera site and a taste of what we experienced:



 As always, the Parisian audience was incredibly enthusiastic. At the curtain call

curtain-call.jpgthe conductor had the orchestra play “Oh Tannenbaum” and the audience sang along. It was just good fun, they did an encore of “Jingle Bells.” That of course brought people to their feet singing loudly and members of the cast dancing.


Outside we took photos, albeit flawed though with the iconic background.

          rv2outdoors.jpg              es-outside.jpg

You come out of an amazing, fulfilling, entertaining event and the first thing you see when you hit the street is the Eiffel Tower. C’est Paris!


The topper was dinner with Dorie and Michael at their apartment; speaking of food, sipping wines, eating delicious food and the usual incredible cheeses. Ça c’est Paris aussi!



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