On Sunday, we finished our umpteenth version of the treatment of our screenplay. It’s working title has been: “La Dame Qui est Tombé de son vélo.” Or as we say in English, “The woman who fell from her bicycle.” So we wanted to celebrate. Go to a good restaurant.

What a choice in Paris! Renée wanted steak tartare, and we wanted a place we hadn’t been . Easy choice was La Coupole. I made a reservation for two at eight. We dressed -  


La Coupole was created in 1927 and still contains all the architectural elements and painting styles of its Art Deco beginnings.


We walked in and were immediately capture and taken back to another time: where was Picasso, Soutine, Man Ray? Where was Josephine Baker sitting?


As we were ushered towards the back, I was concerned that we would get one of the many banquette tables for two. Renee would sit on the banquette facing the restaurant. I would sit on a chair facing Renée, my back to the restaurant.


As you can see from the photos we were sat at the rear left corner, with both of us on a banquette with full views of the room. It was great. And as we found out, only a few tables away from where Albert Camus had always sat.

We started with oysters and a very creamy mushroom soup. With that a wonderful Sancerre. Renée’s streak tartare came with sumptuous French fries. I had Indian Curried lamb – their signature dish since 1927, served by a white turbaned Indian. I suspect his grandfather was the original man who did it and this job has been in the family business for three generations. For the meat, a different wine, a perfect fit for our meal: Chateau Magnan La Gaffeliere, St. Emillion, Grand Cru. 

It was great being there, great have finished our treatment, great being with each other. It is great being in Paris. Great being with the one we love!


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