Leaving home


He said … My turn. Packed my bags and headed to Paris. Arrived and into the apartment on Blvd St. Germain. Got there to find that 3 of the 4 bags we had shipped arrived. Spent the day putting clothes away, buying toilet paper and spacing out, looking out the window at the rain.

 She said … Sitting in chez Betty.  Just dropped off by Karen after a day with Catharina and Johann Larsun, my friendly Swedish couple now.  A long climbing hike with magnificent views of Monaco and the coastline.  Includes a long view of Menton where I am told, we must look for a house. Can you picture us down below?


 A bit warmer in the winter and closer to the Italian border.  Catharina and Johann are terribly nice and we had a lovely lunch at their house.  lunch.jpg

As I told you they have 3 sons running their hotel and so many stories of great sea and land adventures.  He drove with his sons from Sweden to Nepal passing through Iran, the border of Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan. Incredible adventures. They race sailboats with their sons and met 40 years ago when in school.  They are very much in love and one feels the power of the connection between them and it’s quiet and steady.  Have seen pics of their sons and the sailboat. 

The other 3 women besides me, are all quite young.  Karen, the Scot, Amelie from Norway and Cindy from the U.S. Who has been in the peace corps for a long time, is an engineer, and now learning French so she can work in the francophone countries in Africa.  Whew!

He said … My first full morning and it’s beautiful as you can see from the kitchen window.


It was so lonely waking up (not to mention going to sleep) without you. I shall venture out. I need to get my resident card but it’s on the other side of the city, too far to walk and the transportation workers are out on strike so there are no buses, trains or metro. Having dinner with Betsy and Richard. Isn’t it interesting  (or should I refer to karma?) how people meet. Richard is  Albert (your ex’s) cousin and Betsy is Mary Colhoun (who I worked for at Landmark) cousin?

 She said …Nice having you in my time zone.  Love, love.

He said … Just been invited by the President of  Slow Food Provence to lunch in La Garda, a small city in Provence near the coast between Marseille and Toulon for a Sunday a week. All the slow food purveyors will bring their products. Should be fun and you will have a chance to use your French.

She said … Just read your email. It’s 22:09 and I’ll get into a tub and will probably be up when you call.  I’ve left you a message on Skype.  I suspect you’ll be at dinner a while.  Longing to hear.  I will bet their terrific. Can’t wait to see you and be at home in Paris.

I’m absolutely bushed (bad word these days) but worse thing is I think I’m getting one of those colds going around.  It’s hit a couple of people pretty hard.  I’m taking airborne like mad.   Trouble is each day is exhausting as the one before and there’s no time to catch up on rest.  Just finished, and then not quite, my homework. 

He said …Had dinner with Betsy and Richard. He remembered he had dinner with you 15 years ago. They are in Paris for a year. He is translating a book from the French and Betsy, who cannot practice her psychiatry here, is doing volunteer work, hot lines, etc.

 You’ll love them - two different types. He asked me about myself and as you can imagine, I showed a lot of leg. He is a strong personality and she is on a “spiritual quest” and has been thinking of going to India but can’t get up enough steam. I know you two will have a lot to talk about.

You know my beliefs about people and energy, well … we all had good energy and the conversation flowed around the table. It was wonderful. Didn’t really matter what we said – to a degree – we were essentially “feeling” one another out. We ate at Balzar, that wonderful Brasserie on Rue Ecoles.

We sat at the table for 3 hours. Missed you not being there. I had thought about taking my camera, as I am now into photos, but I didn’t want to take one of just the 3 of us. There would be too much missing –YOU.

An interesting thing happened at dinner and I think it’s one of the reasons we like being here. I had a Campari while I was waiting for them. And after hellos and general conversation and a discussion of the menu and ordering food, we ordered and had a half bottle of Sancerre rouge. When the waiter opened the bottle I went to taste it and he spoke in French, but I certainly got the gist. The taste of the bitter Campari was still in my mouth and I could not properly taste the wine. There was a slight hint of a reprimand, but with a smile and I totally understood. A wonderful sense of propriety and mind you the wine was neither a grand cru nor premiere., nevertheless it deserved to be tasted properly.

In fact, my darling, we are here to taste everything properly. Bonne nuit.



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  1. Merci. merci, mile fois. I asked for morsels and I got un plat principal.

    It sounds grand. Clearly you must start a business to entertain visitors.

    XXOO Joyeux noel a vous.


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