Champagne and Oysters …

Champagne and oysters …

He said … It has been three weeks since arriving in Paris. The first thing I want to write about happened last Sunday. It was a great day and a turning point in being here. I had been extremely disappointed with the apartment. In a nutshell, it was great space - 1200 sq.ft. large for Paris, great light with windows opening out over the rooftops of Paris to the sky. But like many old apartments in Paris a bit shabby. The night before we discussed the problems we were having with the apartment with the rental agents and they agreed to do whatever they could to solve the problems.

We woke up Sunday, late-morning. It was pouring and windy. I ran around the corner to a boulangerie, picked up freshly baked bread, had breakfast and put together a list of things that the rental agent would do and we went to work on the apartment.   As I later said when it was done, I never could have thought of doing and transforming the apartment as she did.


She said … that’s because you’re not a woman.

By the time we finished it was turning dark, the wind was still blowing and the rain still falling. Even so we decided to take a walk. We want to walk every day and in Paris that is not only easy, but necessary given the richness of the food. Renée asked me if living in Paris would shorten 3 years off my life. She didn’t have to finish: “I’m here!” and as if to prove a point, three doors from the apartment we passed the most inviting window of chocolates…


Didn’t go in because we had plenty of chocolates in the apartment. We’d been buying chocolates and shoes.

We even thought of going to a movie but the line was long and we had no interest in waiting in the rain. We walked through Buci.


a wonderful crossroads of several streets with cafes on every corner and tables and chairs outside.  There were people sitting outside under awnings, demonstrating the Parisians’ love to sit in outdoor café’s no matter what the weather.

We passed a brasserie with a table of shell fish laid out under an awning.


Renee wanted champagne and oysters but thought it was too early.  I said, “let’s walk home, make love and then come out and have champagne and oysters.”  We continued our walk in the rain to the Seine.  We walked along the river in view of Notre Dame, lit up as a beacon guiding us to Boulevard St. Michel and around the corner to Boulevard St. Germain and our apartment.

We got back to the apartment, climbed into a warm dry bed with the rain beating against the windows feeling blessed. In that moment time was irrelevant.  We were safe, warm, dry and loved what we were doing, where we were and each other.

We awoke and it was raining harder than ever. Renee said, “I don’t really want to go out. We have soup in the frig.”

I said, “No, we are going out to get champagne and oysters.”

And so we did. It was 10 at night, the restaurant was full and so we waited. We sat squished in a corner next to 3 young Italians. Renée ordered oysters and herring and I ordered onion soup and blanquette de veau. A perfectly French bistro dinner and all of it excellent.  And although none of this was what we would have done at home, it all seemed as easy and natural as being in Paris.


3 Responses to “Champagne and Oysters …”

  1. You’re making me hungry. Or is that horny. Or is there a difference.

    The big question is: Will you ever give a fig for The Fig again?

    We miss you.

  2. Hi Gang,

    We have been keeping up with y’all–glad to hear you are having a wonderful time–you are flossing…right?


    The Boxerman Gang :))

  3. You’ve been much too busy. Here we are passing our meager lives picking olives and procrastinating about xmas shopping–waiting for some little tidbit of your exciting life to fall to the floor, so to speak, that we might pick up the crumb and enhance our miserable existence. Alas, no crumbs have fallen. We despair.

    But we still love you.


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